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Chicago Art Deco Society Magazine


New York City’s Landmarks:
From Manhattan to Staten Island


In the Fall 2015 issue of the Chicago Art Deco Society magazine, Kathleen M. Skolnik, an ADSNY member and author, wrote the article below that recaps the special day we had commemorating the 50th anniversary of the New York City Landmark Preservation Law on April 21st, 2015. Art Deco Landmarks: Unlikely Battles and Great Successes, led by Tony Robins, was a memorable marathon bus tour of Deco highlights in all five boroughs. A first hand account of this historic day appears is in the article below. Thanks to CADS President Mark Garzon for allowing the ADSNY to reprint this article.

Download your own copy of the New York City’s Art Deco Landmarks article here


Spring 2015 CADS Magazine


Thanks to our friends at the Chicago Art Deco Society for making the spring issue of their superb magazine available FREE to our members for the first time. We know that you will enjoy the wonderful articles, expansive calendar of Art Deco happenings around the world and their insightful review of French Art Deco by Jared Goss on pages 16 – 18. There are also articles in this season’s publication that feature icons of French design such as decorative arts from the SS Normandie as well as French store fronts and window displays.

We hope you enjoy this delightful publication.

In this issue:

3       President’s Message
4       Deco Spotlight
6       Art Deco at Auction
8       CADS Recap
9       Faire du Lèche-Vitrines (or Licking the Windows) | By Lisa Schlansker Kolosek
12      A Look Inside . . . Kem Weber, Designer and Architect by Christopher Long | Reviewed by Bennett Johnson
14      A Great SS Normandie Room in Chicago | By Rolf Achilles
16      A Look Inside . . . French Art Deco by Jared Goss | Reviewed by Linda Levendusky
19      Digital Deco
22      Shanghai Art Deco: So Far Away—and Yet So Close | By Tina Kanagaratnam and Wm. Patrick Cranley
26      Art Deco in Little Rhode Island | By Jeffrey A. Amelse and Frances J. Donovan
30      Wilfredo in the Windy City | By Kathleen Murphy Skolnik
32      Looking Back . . . To Move Ahead | By Ruth Dearborn 32


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Spring Issue Preview:

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