ADSNY Committees

Art Deco Society of New York Committees


Over the past few years the Art Deco Society of New York has grown exponentially. However, we have ambitious goals to grow into an even greater force in the architectural, cultural, educational, and preservation worlds of New York.

To realize these goals, ADSNY needs you. We need passionate Deco enthusiasts to volunteer their time and talents by joining our committees, where you can make an important difference.

Whatever your interests, we have many opportunities for you to join others who share in your passion. To sign up to become a committee member, please contact us at

Our committees include:

Lectures and Book Talks Committee
The goal of this committee is to plan and execute lectures and book talks. Members of this committee contact speakers, arrange event venues, help develop marketing and promotional materials, and assist at events in various ways.

Walking and Bus Tours Committee
Members of this committee plan and execute walking tours as well as bus tours. Members contact tour guides, bus companies, coordinate schedules, assist in development of marketing and promotional materials as well as assist during events.

Preservation Committee
Members of this committee alert ADSNY on Deco Preservation issues, identify important preservation needs, may wish to attend and/or present testimony at preservation meetings, and alert ADSNY to recipients of Preservation awards.

New York Art Deco Registry and Map Committee 
Members of this committee research Art Deco architecture and design in the five boroughs to be added to ADSNY’s web-based Registry and Map and may help prepare self-guided tours using information on the Registry and Map. Committee members can also seek funding opportunities through grants and sponsorships.

Communications Committee
Members of this committee can assist with outreach to the press and various social media platforms, write articles for the website, help in preparation of videos and media on New York Art Deco, and can help to video or photograph events.

Membership and Development Committee
Members of this committee plan and execute membership and fundraising campaigns, build individual and corporate membership, create and disseminate the annual appeal, foster Donor Circle outreach, seek corporate sponsorships and identify other sources for funding.

Educational Committee
Members of this committee seek to expand the Documenting Deco educational program by reaching out to New York City schools and seek partnerships with colleges and universities and professional educational institutions throughout the city. Members of this committee can also seek funding opportunities for the educational program through grants and sponsorships.

Young Deco Friends Committee
Members of this committee plan and execute social, networking and educational events for ADSNY’s Young Deco Friends throughout the year, including membership building and social media outreach.


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