Activity 4: Art Deco Around the World

Documenting Deco Educational Program


Activity Four Lesson Overview
Art Deco Around the World

IMG_4426In this lesson instructors and students will explore the international origins of Art Deco through a PowerPoint and group activities that offer some examples of how various locations have adapted the Art Deco architectural style. As some students have connections to other countries, it may be of interest to them to learn more about  international Art Deco connections and the global cultural influences that are evident in much of the design of the Art Deco style.

Click the links below to view/download the materials for Lesson Four:

Materials provided in the Lesson Four Packet include:

  • Activity Four Lesson Plan
  • Give One/Get One Chart handout
  • Art Deco Around the World handout
  • Ticket Out handout

Additional downloadable materials include:

    • Art Deco Around the World PowerPoint (Can be downloaded above)

A video that may be helpful for this lesson:


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