Activity 1: The Architecture of Deco

Documenting Deco Educational Program


Activity One Lesson Overview
The Architecture of Deco

Since most students will not have a working knowledge of the Art Deco era, nor the features of Art Deco architecture, decoration or fashion, this lesson utilizes images, a PowerPoint presentation and group exercises to provide a basic knowledge, basic Art Deco vocabulary, and tools to recognize some of the most identifiable features of Art Deco architecture and design.ADSNY EmpireState

Click the links below to view/download the materials for Lesson One

Materials provided in the Lesson One Packet include:

  • Activity One Lesson Plan
  • Image of The Empire State Building
  • Image of Squibb building
  • Gallery Walk images
    • American Radiator Building, Manhattan
    • The Century Apartments, Manhattan
    • 1005 Jerome Avenue, The Bronx
    • 120 Wall Street, Manhattan
  • Noticing/Wondering Chart handout
  • Vocabulary of Art Deco Architecture handout
  • Ticket Out handout

Please note the images listed above appear in the same order within the packet.

Additional downloadable materials include:

    • What Makes a Building Art Deco? PowerPoint (Can be downloaded above)

Optional videos that may be helpful with this lesson:


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