Activity 2: Neighborhood Gems

Documenting Deco Educational Program


Activity Two Lesson Overview
Neighborhood Gems

This lesson is designed to provide opportunities for students to apply, analyze and evaluate the information they’ve worked through in this and the prior lesson. Using the New York Art Deco Registry instructors are encouraged to create a walking tour of the area around their school so students can experience Art Deco architecture first hand. This lesson also utilizes short video clips for students to see more on Art Deco architecture.


Click the link below to view download the materials for Lesson Two

Materials provided in the Lesson Two Packet include:

  • Activity Two Lesson Plan
  • Notice/Wondering Chart
  • Video Organizer handout
  • Ticket Out handout

Please note, if the instructor opts to use the images from the Gallery Walk for the Building Walk activity they must be downloaded from Activity One.

Additional materials found on the Art Deco Society of New York website include:

Videos selected for this lesson:



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