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Brooklyn Art Deco Registry

Use the search box to filter by architect, building name, borough, neighborhood, building function, or date. Click on any heading to sort by ascending values. To find all Landmarked buildings type “Landmark” in the search bar. Click in the Links column for landmark documentation.

To add to our registry please email us at Once we receive your suggestion we will compile the necessary information about the building to add to our list.

PhotoBuilding NameDateAddressArchitectTypeBoroughNeighborhoodFloorsLinks
Sorry160 Columbia Heights1937160 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201A. Rollin CaugheyApartment HouseBrooklynWest Brooklyn10N/A
Sorry269 Henry Street1930s269 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynBrooklyn Heights5N/A
Sorry711 Brightwater Court1934711 Brightwater CourtMartyn N. WeinsteinApartment HouseBrooklynBrighton Beach6N/A
Sorry8215 4th Avenue - Bay Rridge19398215 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynBay Ridge6N/A
SorryBellTel Lofts (Formerly the New York Telephone Company)1930365 Bridge St, Brooklyn, NY 11201Ralph Walker (McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin)Apartment HouseBrooklynMetrotech27NYC Landmark

SorryBetsy Head Memorial Pool1940694 Thomas S Boyland St, Brooklyn, NY 11212John Matthews HattonBathhouseBrooklynBrownsville1NYC Landmark

SorryBrighton Beach Apartments19341159 Brighton Beach AvenueKavy & KavovittApartment House BrooklynBrighton Beach6N/A
SorryBrighton Beach Gardens Apartments1935-361120-1170 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235Kavy & KavovittApartment House ComplexBrooklynBrighton Beach6N/A
SorryBrooklyn Printing Plant, NY Times192959-75 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217Albert KahnIndustrialBrooklynBoerum Hill4N/A
SorryBrooklyn Public Library194110 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238C. Paul Jennewein & Thomas Hudson JonesLibraryBrooklynBrooklyn Heights3NYC Landmark

SorryChurch of the Immaculate Heart of Mary19342805 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218Harry McGillChurchBrooklynProspect Park1N/A
SorryConey Island High Pressure Pumping Station19372301 Neptune Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224Irwin S. ChaninMunicipalBrooklynConey Island1N/A
SorryCongregation Beth Elohim, Temple House1929274 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215Mortimer Freehof & David LevyChurchBrooklynPark Slope4Click Here

SorryMcCarren Pool1936776 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222Aymar Embury II, Robert MosesBathhouseBrooklynWilliamsburg1NYC Landmark

SorryNational Title Guaranty Building1930185 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201Corbett, Harrison & MacMurrayOffice TowerBrooklynBrooklyn Heights15Click Here

SorrySears, Roebuck & Co Building19322307 Beverley Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226Nimmons, Carr & WrightRetailBrooklynFlatbush3NYC Landmark

SorrySol Goldman Recreation Center1936155 Bay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231Robert MosesBathhouseBrooklynRed Hook1NYC Landmark

SorrySunset Recreation Center19367th Avenue, New York, NY 11232Aymar Embury IIParkBrooklynSunset Park1NYC Landmark

SorryThe Cranlyn193180 Cranberry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201H. I. FeldmanApartment HouseBrooklynBrooklyn Heights12Click Here

SorryWilliamsburg Savings Bank Tower19291 Hanson Place, New York, NY 11243Halsey, McCormack and HelmerBankBrooklynWilliamsburg37NYC Landmark

Sorry159 Livingston StreetUnknown159 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201UnknownCommercialBrooklynBoerum Hill2N/A
Sorry55 Ocean Avenue193655 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynProspect Lefferts Gardens6N/A
Sorry135 Ocean Avenue1928135 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11225UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynProspect Lefferts Gardens6N/A
Sorry153 Ocean Avenue1951153 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11225UnknownChurchBrooklynCrown Heights2N/A
Sorry818 Flatbush Avenue1931818 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226UnknownCommercialBrooklynFlatbush2N/A
Sorry840 Flatbush Avenue1931840 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226UnknownCommercialBrooklynFlatbush3N/A
Sorry755 Ocean Avenue1931755 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynDitmas Park6N/A
Sorry1228 Ocean Avenue19301228 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMidwood6N/A
Sorry1280 Ocean Avenue19351280 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynDitmas Park6N/A
Sorry1412 Ocean Avenue19361412 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMidwood6N/A
Sorry1576 Ocean Avenue19391576 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMidwood6N/A
Sorry1922 Ocean Avenue19351928 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMidwood6N/A
Sorry1925 Ocean Avenue19331925 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMidwood6N/A
Sorry2044 Ocean Avenue19242044 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230UnknownMedicalBrooklynMidwood2N/A
Sorry2270 Ocean Avenue19312270 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynSheepshead Bay6N/A
Sorry2325 Ocean Avenue19392325 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynMadison6N/A
Sorry2686 Ocean Avenue19342686 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynSheepshead Bay6N/A
Sorry2765 Ocean Avenue19302765 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynSheepshead Bay6N/A
Sorry3051 Ocean Avenue19383051 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynManhattan Beach6N/A
Sorry125 Brighton 11th Street1931125 Brighton 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235UnknownApartment HouseBrooklynBrighton Beach6N/A

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