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Sorry1920: The Year that Made the Decade RoarEric BurnsHistory2015Pegasus1st EditionBuy Now

Sorry1920s Fashions From B. Altman & CompanyAltman & Co.Fashion1998Dover PublicationsBuy Now

Sorry1925 Quand L'Art Déco Séduit Le MondeD'Emmanuel Bréon, Philippe RivoirardDecorative Arts & Design2013Norma ÉditionsBuy Now

Sorry1939 The Lost World of the FairDavid GelernterRegional: New York City,
World's Fair
1995Free Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryA A Rateau the Delorenzo GalleryAlastair DuncanDecorative Arts & Design1990Delorenzo Gallery Exhibition Catalogue1st EditionBuy Now

SorryA Journey Through American Art Deco: Architecture,
Design, and Cinema in the Twenties and Thirties
Giovanna Franci,
Esther Zago
Regional: United States
1997University of Washington PressBuy Now

SorryA Spirit of Progress: Art Deco Architecture in AustraliaPatrick Van Daele,
Roy Lumby
Regional: Australia,
1997Craftsman HouseBuy Now

SorryAffordable Art Deco GraphicsSusan Warshaw BermanDecorative Arts & Design: Graphics2001Schiffer PublishingBuy Now

SorryAmerican Art DecoEva Weber Regional: United States2003JG PressBuy Now

SorryAmerican Art DecoAlastair Duncan Regional: United States1986AbramsBuy Now

SorryAmerican Art Deco FurnitureRic EmmettDecorative Arts & Design2015Art Deco Pros, Inc.1st EditionBuy Now

SorryAmerican Art Deco: An Illustrated SurveyR. L. Leonard, C. A. GlassgoldRegional: United States2004Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryAmerican Art Deco: Architecture and RegionalismCarla BreezeRegional: United States
2003W. W. Norton & Company1 EditionBuy Now

SorryAmerican Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA: When FDR Put the Nation to WorkNick TaylorHistory2009BantamReprint EditionBuy Now

American Modern, 1925-1940: Design for a New AgeStewart J. JohnsonDecorative Arts & Design2000Harry N. Abrams1st EditionBuy Now

SorryAmerican Streamlined Design: The World of TomorrowDavid A. Hanks,
Anne Hoy
Decorative Arts & Design: Streamlining2005Flammarion1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt DecoCamilla De La Bedoyere Decorative Arts & Design2006Star FireBuy Now

SorryArt DecoAndrzej K. OlszewskiArchitecture2013DiGBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Eric KnowlesDecorative Arts & Design2014ShireBuy Now

SorryArt DecoVictor ArwasDecorative Arts & Design2000Harry N AbramsRevised EditionBuy Now

SorryArt DecoNorbert Wolf Decorative Arts & Design2013PrestelBuy Now

SorryArt DecoEva WeberDecorative Arts & Design2004World Publications GroupBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Judith Miller Collectors' Guide
Decorative Arts & Design
2005DKBuy Now

SorryArt DecoIain Zaczek Decorative Arts & Design2001Parragon1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco 1903-1940Jean Paul BouillonDecorative Arts & Design1989RizzoliBuy Now

SorryArt Deco (Architecture & Design Library)Young Mi Kim Decorative Arts & Design: Interiors1997Friedman/Fairfax Publishing1st EditionBuy Now

Art Deco (Art of Century)Victoria CharlesDecorative Arts & Design2013Parkstone PressBuy Now

SorryArt Deco (World of Art)Alastair DuncanDecorative Arts & Design1988Thames & HudsonBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Aluminum: KensingtonPaula Ockner,
Leslie Pina
Collectors' Guide
Decorative Arts & Design
1997Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryArt Deco and British Car Design: The Airline Cars of the
Barrie DownRegional: Great Britain
2012Veloce Publishing LtdBuy Now

SorryArt Deco and Modernist CarpetsSusan Day,
Yves Mikaeloff
Decorative Arts & Design: Carpets2002Thames & Hudson1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco and Modernist CeramicsKaren McCready Ceramics1996Thames & Hudson1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco and Other FiguresBryan Catley Sculpture2003Antique Collectors Club Dist2nd EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Architecture in New YorkDon VlackRegional: New York City,
1974Harper & Row1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Architecture: Design, Decoration and Detail
from the Twenties and Thirties
Patricia Bayer Decorative Arts & Design: Ornimentation1992Harry N Abrams1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Architecture: Miami Beach PostcardsPaul ClemenceRegional: Miami, Florida2005Schiffer PublishingBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Bookbindings: The Work of Pierre Legrain and
Rose Adler
Yves Peyre,
George Fletcher
Bookbindings2004Princeton Architectural Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco CeramicsNew York Kelly GalleryCeramics2014Kelly GalleryBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Chrome Jim Linz Collectors' Guide2007Schiffer Publishing Limited1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the
Decorative Arts of the 1920s and 1930s
Alastair Duncan Decorative Arts & Design: Survey2009Harry N. AbramsBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Designs in ColorCharles Rahn Fry Decorative Arts & Design1976Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Era Textile Designs Tina Skinner Decorative Arts & Design: Textiles1998Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryArt Deco FashionSuzanne Lussier Decorative Arts & Design: Fashion2003Bulfinch1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Fashion Pepin Press Fashion BooksDecorative Arts & Design: Fashion2007Pepin PressBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Fashion Designs: Barbier, Brissaud and MartyMelanie Paquette WidmannDecorative Arts & Design: Fashion2012CTG PublishingBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Fashion: French Designers, 1908-1925 Martin Battersby Decorative Arts & Design: Fashion1984St. Martin's Press1st Edition (American)Buy Now

SorryArt Deco Fashions Paper DollsTom TierneyPaper Dolls2005Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Furniture: The French DesignersAlastair Duncan Regional: French
Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture
1997Thames & HudsonReprint EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco GraphicsPatricia Frantz Kery,
Marshall Lee
Decorative Arts & Design:
Posters & Graphic Design
1986Thames & HudsonBuy Now

SorryArt Deco HairDaniela TurudichCulture2013Streamline PressBuy Now

SorryArt Deco in AmericaEva WeberDecorative Arts & Design1987Exeter Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco in Australia: Sunrise over the PacificMark Ferson Regional: Australia2001Craftsman House1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco in DetroitRebecca Binno Savage,
Greg Kowalski
Regional: Detroit, Michigan2004Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorryArt Deco in ShanghaiChen Ci LiangRegional: Shanghai, China2008Page One Publishing PrivateBilingual EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco in the PhilippinesLourdes MontinolaDecorative Arts & Design: Interiors2011Artpostasia Pte LtdBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Interiors in ColorCharles Rahn FryDecorative Arts & Design: Interiors1977Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Interiors: Decoration and Design Classics of
the 1920s and 1930s
Patricia BayerDecorative Arts & Design: Interiors1998Thames & Hudson1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Ironwork & Sculpture S. F., III Cook,
Tina Skinner
Decorative Arts & Design: Ironwork
2005Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryArt Deco JewelrySylvie RauletDecorative Arts & Dersign: Jewelry1989RizzoliBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Jewelry Designs in Full Color Dover Pictorial ArchivesDecorative Arts & Dersign: Jewelry1993Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Jewelry: Modernist Masterworks and their
Evelyne Posseme Decorative Arts & Design: Jewelry2009Thames & HudsonBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Lighting Herb MillmanCollectors' Guide2001Schiffer Publishing Limited1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Limoges: Camille Tharaud And Other CeramistsKeith Waterbrook-Clyde,
Thomas Waterbrook-Clyde
Collectors' Guide2005Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Mailboxes: An Illustrated Design HistoryKaren Greene,
Lynne Lavelle
Decorative Arts & Design: Mailboxes2014W. W. Norton & CompanyBuy Now

SorryArt Deco MasterpiecesDerek OstergardDecorative Arts & Design1991Hugh Lauter Levin AssociatesBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Napier: Styles of the ThirtiesPeter Shaw Regional: Napier, New Zealand1987Potton & Burton1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco New YorkDavid Garrard Lowe Regional: New York City2004Watson-GuptillBuy Now

SorryArt Deco of the Palm Beaches Sharon Koskoff Regional: Palm Beach, Florida2007Arcadia Publishing1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco PaintingEdward Lucie-Smith Fine Art1990Clarkson PotterBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Paintings & PrintsGail EllisFine Art2014Book Treasury1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco San Francisco: The Architecture of Timothy
Therese Poletti, Tom PaivaRegional: San Francisco, California,
Architect: Timothy Pflueger
2008Princeton Architectural Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco SculptureVictor ArwasSculpture1992St. Martin's Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Sculpture: Chryseloephantine Statues of the
Twenties and Thirties
Victor Arwas Sculpture1984St. Martin's Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Source BookPatricia Bayer Decorative Arts & Design1988Wellfleet Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco StyleYvonne BrunhammerFashion1984Wiley-AcademyBuy Now

SorryArt Deco StyleBevis Hillier Decorative Arts & Design1997Phaidon PressBuy Now

SorryArt Deco TextilesCharlotte Samuels Decorative Arts & Design: Textiles2003Victoria & Albert MuseumBuy Now

SorryArt Deco Textiles: The French DesignersAlain-Rene Hardy Regonal: France,
Decorative Arts & Design: Textiles
2003Thames & Hudson1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco: 1910-1939Charlotte Benton,
Tim Benton,
Ghislaine Wood
Decorative Arts & Design: Survey2003Bulfinch1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Deco: The Golden Age of Graphic Art & IllustrationMichael RobinsonDecorative Arts & Design:
Posters & Graphic Design
2006Metro Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding: French
Masterpieces 1880-1940
Alastair Duncan,
Georges De Bartha
Regional: France,
Decorative Arts & Design: Bookbindings
1989Harry N. Abrams1st EditionBuy Now

SorryArt Nouveau and Art Deco LightingAlastair Duncan Decorative Arts & Design: Lighting1978Simon & Schuster1st EditionBuy Now

SorryAuthentic Art Deco Interiors and Furniture in Full ColorJean L. DruesedowDecorative Arts & Design: Furniture1997Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryAuthentic Art Deco Interiors From the 1925 Paris ExhibitionMaurice DufreneDecorative Arts & Design1989Antiques Collectors Club1st EditionComing Soon
SorryAuthentic Art Deco Jewelry Designs (Dover Jewelry
and Metalwork)
Franco DeboniDecorative Arts & Design: Jewelry1982Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryBaghdad Arts Deco: Architectural Brickwork, 1920-1950Caecilia Pieri Collectors' Guide2011The American University1st EditionBuy Now

SorryBoak & Paris / Boak & Raad: New York ArchitectsAnnice M. AltRegional: New York City,
Artisan: Boak & Paris/Boak & Raad
2014XlibrisBuy Now

SorryBombay Art Deco Architecture: A Visual Journey:
Navin Ramani Regional: Bombay,
2007Roli BooksBuy Now

SorryBritish Art Deco Ceramics Colin Mawston Regional:
Decorative Arts & Design
2000Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryBritish Modern: Graphic Design Between the Wars Steven Heller,
Louise Fili
Decorative Arts & Design: Graphic Design
1998Chronicle Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryCarpets of the Art Deco EraSusan DayDecorative Arts & Design: Carpets2015Thames & Hudson1st EditionBuy Now

SorryChina Through the Looking GlassAndrew Bolton and Adam GeczyRegional: China2015Metropolitan Museum of ArtBuy Now

SorryCincinnati Art DecoSteven J. Rolfes,
Douglas R. Weise
Regional: Cincinnati, Ohio2014Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorryCollecting Art DecoKevin McConnell Collectors' Guide1997Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryCollector's Guide to Art Deco: Identification & ValuesMary Frank Gaston Collectors' Guide1997Collector Books2nd EditionBuy Now

No Image AvailableCowtown Moderne: Art Deco Architecture of Fort Worth,
Judith Singer CohenRegional: Ft. Worth, Texas,
1988Texas A&M University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryCreative Haven Coloring Book: Art Deco DesignsCarol SchmidtColoring Book2014Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryCreative Haven Coloring Book: Art Deco FashionsMing-Ju SunColoring Book2014Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryDe LempickaGilles Neret Culture2011TaschenBuy Now

SorryDeco & Streamline Architecture in L.A: A Moderne
City Survey
Elizabeth McMillian Regional: Los Angeles, California
2004Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryDeco By The Bay: Art Deco Architecture in the San
Francisco Bay Area
Michael F. Crowe Regional: San Francisco, California
1995Viking StudioBuy Now

SorryDeco Delights: Preserving Miami Beach ArchitectureBarbara Baer Capitman Regional: Miami, Florida,
1988StudioBuy Now

SorryDeco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920-1945Kendall BrownRegional: Japan2013University of Washington Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryDeco Landmarks: Art Deco Gems of Los AngelesArnold Schwartzman Regional: Los Angeles, California
2005Chronicle Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryDeco Radio: The Most Beautiful Radios Ever MadePeter Sheridan Decorative Arts & Design: Radios2014Schiffer Publishing Limited1st EditionBuy Now

SorryDepression Era Art Deco Glass Leslie Pina,
Paula Ockner
Collectors' Guide1999Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryDepression ModernMartin GreifDecorative Arts & Design1975Universe BooksBuy Now

SorryDesigning DreamsDonald AlbrechtArchitecture2000Hennessey & IngallsBuy Now

SorryDesigning Home: Jews and Midcentury ModernismDonald AlbrechtDecorative Arts & Design2014Contemporary Jewish MuseumBuy Now

SorryDesigning Tomorrow America's World's Fairs of the 1930sRobert W. Rydell, Laura B. SchiavoRegional: New York City,
World's Fair
2010Yale University PressBuy Now

SorryDesigning WomenLucy FischerFashion2003Columbia University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryDonald Deskey: Decorative Designs and InteriorsDavid A. Hanks,
Jennifer Toher
Artisan: Donald Deskey,
Decorative Arts & Design: Interiors
1987Dutton1st EditionBuy Now

SorryDry Manhattan: Prohibition in New York CityMichael A. Lerner Regional: New York City,
2008Harvard University PressAnnotated EditionBuy Now

SorryEdgar Brandt Art Deco IronworkJoan Kahr Decorative Arts & Design: Ironwork,
Designer: Edgar Brandt
2010Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryEgyptian Motifs in the Art Deco Style Dover Pictorial ArchiveDecorative Arts & Design: Ornimentation,
Regional: Egypt
2011Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryElegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930sPatricia Mears, G. Bruce BoyerDecorative Arts & Design: Fashion2014Yale University PressBuy Now

SorryEly Jacques Kahn: New York ArchitectTom Killian, Françoise BollackRegional: New York City
Artisan: Ely Jacques Kahn
1995Acanthus PressReprint EditionBuy Now

SorryEmpire State Building: When New York Reached for the
Elizabeth Mann Regional: New York City
2006Mikaya PressReprint EditionBuy Now

SorryEncyclopedia of Art DecoAlastair DuncanDecorative Arts & Design1998Grange Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryErtéJean TibbettsArtisan: Erté,
Decorative Arts & Design
1996Barnes & Noble5th EditionBuy Now

SorryErté Fashions Coloring BookMarty NobleColoring Book2003Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryErté's Theatrical Costumes in Full ColorErtéArtisan: Erté,
Decorative Arts & Design: Fashion
1979Dover Publications1st EditionBuy Now

SorryErté: Art to Wear: The Complete JeweleryLouis Zara, Jack SolomonArtisan: Erté,
Decorative Arts & Design: Jewelry
1991Dutton Studio Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryErté: The Last WorksEric EstorickArtisan: Erté,
Decorative Arts & Design
1992Dutton Studio BooksBuy Now

SorryEssential Art DecoGhislaine WoodArt Deco Influences and Origins2003Bulfinch1st EditionBuy Now

SorryEssential Art DecoIain ZaczekDecorative Arts & Design2002Parragon IncBuy Now

SorryFair Park Deco: Art and Architecture of the Texas
Centennial Exposition
Jim Parsons,
David Bush
Regional: Texas,
2012Texas Christian University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryFashion in the Time of The Great GatsbyLaLonnie LehmanDecorative Arts & Design: Fashion2013ShireBuy Now

SorryFashions of the Roaring TwentiesTom TierneyColoring Book2013Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryFlappers: Six Women of a Dangerous GenerationJudith MackrellHistory2015Farrar Straus & Giroux: Sarah Crichton Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryFrench Art DecoJared Goss Regional: French2014Metropolitan Museum of ArtBuy Now

SorryFrench Art DecoJared GossRegional: France2014Metropolitan Museum of ArtBuy Now

SorryFrench Art Deco Ironwork DesignsRaymond Subes Regional: French,
Decorative Arts & Design: Ironwork
2007Dover PublicationsDover Education EditionBuy Now

SorryFrench ModernSteven Heller, Louise FiliRegional: France1996Chronicle Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryGatsby Cocktails: Classic Cocktails from the Jazz AgeBen Reed Culture2012Ryland Peters & SmallBuy Now

SorryGeorge Barbier: Master of Art Deco: Fashion, Illustration
and Graphic Design (English and Japanese Edition)
Hiroshi UnnoDesigner: George Barbier2012PIE InternationalBilingual EditionBuy Now

SorryGerman Modern: Graphic Design from Wilhelm to
Steven Heller,
Louise Fili
Regional: German1998Chronicle Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryGlass Barware: Deco & Beyond Walter T. Lemiski Collectors' Guide
Decorative Arts & Design: Bareware
2006Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryGrand Luxe: The Transatlantic StyleJohn Malcolm Brinnin,
Kenneth Gaulin
Transportation1990Henry Holt & Co1st EditionBuy Now

SorryGreat Fashion Designs of the Thirties Paper DollsTom TierneyPaper Dolls1984Dover PublicationsBuy Now

SorryGreat Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller CenterDaniel OkrentRegional: New York City,
2004Penguin BooksReprint EditionBuy Now

SorryGreat Houses of HavanaHermes MalleaRegional: Havana, Cuba2011The Monacelli PressBuy Now

SorryGuide to New York City LandmarksNew York Landmarks
Preservation Commission
Regional: New York City,
2008Wiley4th EditionBuy Now

SorryHavana DecoAlejandro G. Alonso,
Pedro Contreras,
Martino Fagiuoli
Regional: Havana, Cuba
2007W. W. Norton & Company1st Edition (American)Buy Now

SorryHenri Matisse The Cut-OutsKarl Buchberg, Nicholas Cullinan, Jodi HauptmanFine Art2014The Museum of Modern ArtBuy Now

SorryHigh Styles: Twentieth-Century American DesignWhitney Museum of American ArtDecorative Arts & Design1985Summit Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryHigher: A Historic Race to the Sky and the Making of a
Neal BascombRegional: New York City,
2003Broadway BooksReprint EditionBuy Now

SorryHill Country Deco: Modernistic Architecture of
Central Texas
David Bush,
Jim Parsons
Regional: Texas2010Texas Christian University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryHouston Deco: Modernistic Architecture of the Texas
Jim Parsons,
David Bush
Regional: Houston, Texas2008Bright Sky Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryIndustrial DesignRaymond Loewy Artisan: Raymond Loewy,
Decorative Arts & Design: Industrial
1995Overlook Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryInside Art Deco: A Pictorial Tour of Deco Interiors from
Their Origins to Today
Lucy D. Rosenfeld Decorative Arts & Design: Interiors2005Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorryInventing the Modern WorldCatherine L. Futter, Jason T. BuschDecorative Arts & Design2012RizzoliBuy Now

SorryItalian Art Deco: Graphic Design Between the WarsSteven Heller,
Louise Fili
Regional: Italy,
Decorative Arts & Design: Graphic Design
1993Chronicle BooksBuy Now

SorryItalian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the UniverseWalter Adamson, Emily BraunFine Art2013Guggenheim Museum1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJackets RequiredSteven Heller, Seymour ChwastDecorative Arts & Design1995Chronicle BooksBuy Now

SorryJacques-Emile Ruhlmann: The Designer's ArchivesEmmanuel BreonArtisan: Jacques Émile Ruhlmann,
Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture
2004Flammarion1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld
Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston
Robert HudovernikCulture2006Universe1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJazz Age Fashion: Dressed to KillVirginia Bates,
Daisy Bates
Cultute2013RizzoliBuy Now

SorryJazz Cleopatra: Josephine Baker in Her TimePhyllis RoseCulture1989Doubleday1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJean Dunand: 2Greenberg Artisan: Jean Dunand,
Decorative Arts & Design
1986Dutton Adult1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJean Dunand: His Life and WorksFelix Marcilhac Artisan: Jean Dunand,
Decorative Arts & Design
1991Harry N. Abrams1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJean-Michel FrankAdolphe Chanaux,
Leopold Diego Sanchez
Artisan: Jean-Michel Frank,
Decorative Arts & Design
1997Editions du RegardRevised EditionBuy Now

SorryJean-Michel Frank (Memoirs)Francois Baudot Artisan: Jean-Michel Frank,
Decorative Arts & Design
2004Assouline PublishingBuy Now

SorryJean-Michel Frank in ArgentinaGallery BACRegional: Argentina,
Artisan: Jean-Michel Frank,
Decorative Arts & Design
2010Gallery BAC Publication1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJean-Michel Frank: The Strange and Subtle Luxury of the
Parisian Haute-Monde in the Art Deco Period
Artisan: Jean-Michel Frank,
Decorative Arts & Design
2008Rizzoli1st EditionBuy Now

SorryJosephine Baker and LA Revue Negre: Paul Colin's
Lithographs of Le Tumulte Noir in Paris, 1927
Paul Colin,
Karen C. C. Dalton,
Henry Louis Gates
Culture1998Harry N AbramsBuy Now

SorryJosephine Baker in Art and Life: The Icon and The ImageBennetta Jules-Rosette Culture2007University of Illinois Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryLiners: The Golden AgeRobert Fox Transportation2011H.F.Ullmann PublishingBuy Now

SorryLondon Art DecoArnold Schwartzman Regional: London2014Palazzo EditionsRevised EditionBuy Now

SorryLondon DecoThibaud HeremRegional: London, England2013Nobrow PressBuy Now

SorryLong Beach Art Deco Suzanne Tarbell Cooper,
John W. Thomas,
J. Christopher Launi
Regional: Long Beach, 2006Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorryLos Angeles Art Deco Suzanne Tarbell Cooper,
Amy Ronnebeck Hall,
Frank E. Cooper Jr.
Regional: Los Angeles, California2005Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorryMechanization Takes Command: A Contribution to Anonymous HistorySigfried GiedionArchitecture2014University Of Minnesota PressBuy Now

SorryMelbourne Art DecoRobin Grow Regional: Melbourne, Australia2014Brolga PublishingBuy Now

SorryMiami Beach DecoSteven BrookeRegional: Miami, Florida2015RizzoliReissue EditionBuy Now

SorryModern Taste Art Deco in Paris 1910-1935Jose Marinas, Tim Benton, Manuel del Junco, Maria ZozayaRegional: Paris, France
2015Fundación Juan MarchBuy Now

SorryMurals of New York CityGlenn Palmer-Smith, Joshua McHughRegional: New York City,
Fine Art
2013RizzoliBuy Now

SorryNew York DecoCarla BreezeRegional: New York City, Architecture1993Rizzoli1st EditionBuy Now

SorryNew York DecoRichard BerenholtzRegional: New York City,
2009Welcome BooksBuy Now

SorryNew York Deco, Limited EditionRichard BerenholtzRegional: New York City,
2008Welcome BooksSlp editionBuy Now

SorryNew York From The Air: A Story of ArchitectureJohn Tauranac, Yann Arthus-BertrandRegional: New York City, Architecture2011Harry N. Abrams1st EditionBuy Now

SorryNew York New York: Mid-Sized EditionRichard Berenholtz Regional: New York City,
2014RizzoliBuy Now

SorryNew York New York: MiniRichard Berenholtz Regional: New York City,
2003Rizzoli1st EditionBuy Now

SorryNew York The World's Fair CityFrank MonaghanRegional: New York City,
World's Fair
1939Garden City Publishing Company1st EditionBuy Now

SorryNorman Bel Geddes Designs AmericaDonald AlbrechtRegional: New York City,
Decorative Arts & Design
2012Harry N. AbramsBuy Now

SorryNormandie: France's Legendary Art Deco Ocean LinerJohn Maxtone-Graham Transportation2007W. W. Norton & Company1st Edition (American)Buy Now

SorryNormandie: Queen of the SeasBruno Foucart,
Charles Offrey,
Francois Robichon,
Claude Villers
Transportation1985Vendome Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryParis Between the WarsVincent Bouvet, Gerard DurozolRegional: Paris, France2010Vendome Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryParis Between the WarsCarol MannRegional: Paris, France1996Vendome Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryParis Fashions: The Art Deco Style of the 1920'sMadeleine GinsburgRegional: Paris, France,
Decorative Arts & Design: Fashion
1989Gallery Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryParis-New York: Design Fashion Culture 1925-1940Donald AlbrechtRegional: Paris, France,
Decorative Arts & Design: Fashion
2008The Monacelli PressBuy Now

SorryPicture History of the Normandie: With 190 IllustrationsFrank O. Braynard Transportation1987Dover Publications1st Edition (American)Buy Now

SorryPopular Art Deco: Depression Era Style and DesignRobert Heide,
John Gilman
Industrial Design1991Abbeville Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryRalph Walker: Architect of the CenturyKathryn E. Holliday Artisan: Ralph Walker,
2012RizzoliBuy Now

SorryRaymond HoodWalter H. KilhamArtisan: Raymond Hood,
1973Taylor Trade Publishing1st EditionBuy Now

SorryRaymond Loewy and Streamlined Design: Universe
of Style
Philippe Tretiack Artisan: Raymond Loewy,
Decorative Arts & Design: Streamlining
1999UniverseBuy Now

SorryRediscovering Art Deco U.S.A.: A Nationwide Tour of
Architectural Delights
Michael D. Kinerk,
Dennis W. Wilhelm,
Barbara Capitman
Regional: United States,
1994StudioBuy Now

SorryRMS Queen Mary Suzanne Tarbell Cooper,
Frank Cooper,
Athene Mihalakis Kovacic,
Don Lynch
Transportation2010Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorryRMS Queen Mary (Classic Liners)Andrew Britton Transportation2012The History PressBuy Now

SorryRMS Queen Mary: 101 Questions And Answers About
the Great Transatlantic Liner
David ElleryTransportation2006Conway Maritime PressBuy Now

SorryRob Mallet-Stevens: Architecture, Furniture,
Interior Design
Jean-François PinchonArtisan: Robert Mallet-Stevens,
Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture &
1991The MIT Press1st MIT Press EditionBuy Now

SorryRockefeller Center: Architecture as TheatreAlan H. Balfour Regional: New York City,
1978McGraw-Hill Inc1st Edition (American)Buy Now

SorryRuhlmann: Genius Of Art DecoEmmanuel Breon,
Rosalind Pepall
Artisan: Jacques Émile Ruhlmann,
Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture
2004Somogy Editions D'Art1st EditionBuy Now

SorryRuhlmann: Master of Art DecoFlorence CamardArtisan: Jacques Émile Ruhlmann,
Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture
1999Harry N AbramsBuy Now

SorrySan Francisco Art Deco Michael F. Crowe,
Robert W. Bowen
Regional: San Francisco, California2007Arcadia PublishingBuy Now

SorrySaving Radio City Music Hall: A Dancer's True StoryRosemary Novellino-MearnsRegional: New York City, Architecture2015Turning Point PressBuy Now

SorryScreen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in Hollywood Howard Mandelbaum,
Eric Myers
Culture1985St. Martin's Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorrySecond Skin: Josephine Baker & the Modern SurfaceAnne Anlin Cheng Culture,
Decorative Arts & Design
2013Oxford University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorrySelling Good Design: Promoting the Modern InteriorMarilyn F. Friedman Decorative Arts & Design,
2003RizzoliBuy Now

SorrySkyscraper Style: Art Deco New YorkCervin Robinson,
Rosemarie Haag Bletter
Regional: New York City,
1975Oxford University Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorrySouth Beach Architectural Photographs: Art Deco to
Paul ClemenceRegional: South Beach2004Schiffer Publishing LimitedBuy Now

SorrySouth Beach Deco: Step By Step Iris Garnett ChaseRegional: South Beach2004Schiffer Publishing Limited1st EditionBuy Now

SorryStreamline: American Art DecoSteven Heller,
Louise Fili
Regional: United States
Decorative Arts & Design: Streamlining
1995Chronicle BooksBuy Now

SorryStreamlined IronsJay RaymondDecorative Arts & Design2008Streamline Press1st EditionBuy Now

SorryStyle 1930: Elegance and Sophistication in Architecture, Design, Fashion, Graphics, and PhotographyKlaus-Jurgen SembachDecorative Arts & Design1986Rizzoli1st EditionBuy Now

SorrySue Et Mare : La Compagnie des Arts FrançaisFlorence Camart Artisan: Sue et Mare,
Decorative Arts & Design
1996Editions de l'AmateurBuy Now

SorrySupreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to
Modern America
Donald L. Miller Culture2014Simon & SchusterBuy Now

SorryTamara de LempickaAlain Blondel,
Ingried Brugger
Culture2004Royal Academy Books1st EditionBuy Now

SorryTamara de Lempicka: A Life of Deco and DecadenceLaura Claridge Culture1999Clarkson Potter1st EditionBuy Now

SorryThe Art Deco City: Napier, New ZealandRobert McGregorRegional: Napier, New Zealand1998Art Deco Trust (Napier)Buy Now

SorryThe Art Deco HouseAdrian TinniswoodDecorative Arts & Design: Interiors2002Watson-GuptillBuy Now

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Decorative Arts & Design: Furniture
1998Assouline PublishingBuy Now

Coming SoonWrestling with Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took On New York's Master Builder and Transformed the American CityAnthony FlintRegional: New York, History2011Random House Reprint EditionBuy Now

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